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Nightingale School

Location: Wandsworth, London
Duration: 52 weeks
Size: Circa 5000 sq/ft
Value: Circa £1.6m
Architect: Wandsworth Council
Main contractor: ARK Build PLC
Project Manager: Wandsworth Council


Green Planet Design Engineers assisted with the MEP design of Nightingale School in Wandsworth.


The works consisted of a 470m2 single storey new build extension to a community school; specially designed for boys with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties between the ages of 5 and 19 years.


The location of the school is classified as MOL (Metroplitan Open Land) and is home to an active educational facility in the form of a livestock farm. The use of sustainable materials was an important part of the design which needed to take in to account the MOL status of the site.

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