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360 Virtual Walk Through

We use high specification 3D cameras and software to create immersive 360 degree virtual walk through's of any space, size or complexity.


From initial site survey all the way through construction phase to project completion, a Matterport survey can save multiple visits by multiple people, reducing overall project costs, resource and most importantly, time. 


Be it, surveys of plant areas in order to co-ordinate proposed services or snagging of completed spaces, a 360 Walk Through can be crafted for your specific requirements. 

Collaborating in construction has never been more streamlined.


Here at Green Planet we incorporate the use of Matterports from as early on as an initial site survey. This can then be used as a starting point for almost any member of the professional team involved. From architect planning, detailed measurements, to existing services layouts, or even just to demonstrate a potential space to a client. 

To the right is an example of a space in Berlin, had this not been captured at the first visit, it would have taken multiple trips by multiple professions. 


During construction phase, it can be difficult to meet on site with all relevant personnel in attendance,  keeping up with changes or discussing potential issues and even documenting the progress can be tiresome. A Matterport captures everything at once and can be distributed immediately for individual review as well as collaborating within virtual meetings.


Our example to the right was used during dilapidation works to track the progress of the mechanical services, once back in the office the team could then virtually walk through the space at their own leisure and use alongside as-built drawings to highlight any snags.

Completion & Showcasing

Showcase the final project with the whole team, the client or your wider audience.


We often have clients ask for the final Matterport to use themselves, whether this be for remotely onboarding new staff, advertisement & social media or even Insurance purposes.

The possibilities with a Matterport are endless...

Get in touch to find how you too could reap the benefits.

Take a Virtual Walk through....

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