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The Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Architects: JAIA Architects

Main Contractor: Virtus

Project Duration: 25weeks

Size: Circa 24,200sq ft

Cost: £2.5m


Having completed the 1st phase of the large-scale refurbishment to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, London in 2017, GPDE were awarded the 2nd phase just a few months later.


The task of refurbishing a busy London Embassy without disrupting the day to day running of the offices was not an easy feat. In order to keep disruption to a minimum, the project was split into two phases. During the initial stage, works were completed to the ground, first and seventh floors, including the installation of a standalone mechanical AC System, new secondary ductwork, replacement of the main distribution board and all areas were fully re-wired.

Phase 2 covered much more of the building including the various office spaces, kitchens, staff areas, stairways and external zones spanning from the basement to the 8th floor. All existing services were removed, and new services installed. Key planning techniques and co-ordination enabled the works to be carried out with minimal disruption to the previously completed ground and 1st floor.


Below is a brief outline of the works complete during phase 2:

  • Strip out of existing chillers and boilers

  • New AC systems installed

  • Public health systems modified to suit new layouts. Tanks removed and pumped services from basement installed.

  • New distribution boards, circuits, lighting and panel boards installed

  • New fire alarm panel and cabling installed to suit new layout

The systematic planning and proactive relationship between JAIA, GPDE and Virtus resulted in not only a satisfied client but a modernised, more efficient and staff friendly work space for many to enjoy. The images below illustrate just a snippet of the refurbishment.  

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